BioNorth Energy’s logo is a design by Nak’azdli Whut’en member, Jolene Prince. The logo weaves together several elements to tell a rich story of nature, history, and relationships. 

Prominent in the design is the sun, a powerful symbol of light, energy, growth, and the natural world. The sun’s rays incorporate a fan of eagle feathers which are also representative of the turbines that generate power from nature. Cultural Nak’azdli symbols and references are also important elements of the design. 

One interpretation of ‘Nak’azdli’ is “the place near Mount Pope where the water begins to flow.” The silhouette of Mount Pope in the logo acknowledges the traditional territory upon which the BioNorth Energy power plant sits. Mount Pope is also the home of important Nak’azdli pictographs. The Nak’azdli Thunderbird can be found on Mount Pope and at the north point of the logo, where it is illustrated in red to honour and acknowledge Nak’azdli ancestors. The thunderbird is a mythical creature in Indigenous culture, signifying power, protection, and strength. The thunderbird is also considered a dominant and transformational force of nature and its inclusion in the design directly references the way a biomass energy plant transforms wood into clean electricity. 

Another interpretation of Nak’azdli is “where the little peoples’ arrows flow.” The arrows in the logo represent not only the Nak’azdli people and their history, but also references the relationship to the Nak’azdli’s partnership with the Arrow Group of Companies and Nexus PMG. 

Thank you to Jolene Prince for this exceptionally well thought out logo and to Nathan Skyers, Arrow’s Graphic Designer, for assisting with this process.